A Crescent Dream EP

by Magari

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A dream sequence told in three parts.


released February 1, 2011

All music written by Magari (Mike Barnett, Mark Cassano, Ryan Crane). Performed by Magari with Justin Roth and Chris Penny. Recorded between 2009 and 2010 in Ridgefield, CT at Intrinsic Audio. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Penny. Produced by Magari and Chris Penny. Album art by Mike Barnett.




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Magari New York, New York

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Track Name: II. A Look Through Fog
Lost in the world today
I find myself awake
Now check me for a pulse
'Cause vital signs can deceive
Where did I go?

See your spirit aching
Soul need not respite you
Never will quite reach that gold
And that'll just have to do
But I'm not you

Throw me under, pull me out
Give me love, adore me
Throw me under, pull me out
Give me hate, ignore me
I beg like a stray dog
Pride surrendered screaming

Breathing is not believing
Seeing is not receiving
Holding me in tow
As I try to make these days
Turn into evenings

Breathing is not believing
Betraying is not deceiving
Trying every here and there
This labyrinthine search for any meaning

Breathing is not believing
Seeing is not receiving
Holding me in tow
As I try to make these days turn into...
Track Name: III. Oceans Away
As time goes by there's nothing left waiting for you
It's about time for you to realize the truth

Lifetimes ago
There was something I could see
Someone I could touch
Someone I could be

Distant ties are severed
Under storms they could not weather
And no guiding light points me home

Silence are you foe or friend?
A catch of breath or breathing's end?

You ought to let me know
When the time is right
And the sun can show

Through the drops of rain
Clouding my vision
I can't let it go

Why am I alone?
It feels so much colder
I must let it go

Oceans away from you
Oceans away through the storm

If this is summer
Then why's the wind so cold?
I live in centripetal emotion

But I long to break this curve
The balance is real
The core, the whole

It could never be in the way you had percieved
The bitter coming down from impossible highs
The dialogue incomplete
Twists in life the plot device

Cant keep marking pages with a fading face
Close the book or turn the page
A chapter that has ended
A bittersweet pretending
One can only hope for a better ending